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Often I find myself with no motivation, no inspiration and just generally feeling blind and utterly useless.
But there is more to life than self pity. And that is exactly what you will find on this vibrant site.
Loaded with fresh ideas, tutorials, news…anything and everything¬† to remind you that inspiration is always right in front of you,
you just need to look.


Jim Ward

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Jim ward…Were do i begin..?
Founder of “At the drive in” Lead man for Sparta & SleeperCar all over musical genius.

Recently released his newest EP “the end begins” in a trilogy of EP’s and this is just epic.
Truly a respected musician.
Go see more on his website


404 fun

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Just found this sweet site.
Kinda takes the frustration out of 404 pages.

Go chec it out


Whooo Hooo For Smokoo !!

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You just have to chek this out!
Awesome site with merch that will blow your mind!
Been following the bids for a while now and simply cannot believe at what ridiculous prices products are sold.

Go see for your self guaranteed A-bomb of exitement!


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Ok so last night I watched this documentary Jesus Camp…

So this actually got me thinking, what is wrong with these people!!
Sitting through the film I was constantly reminded of Hitler, Mugabe…
I may be wrong, but isn’t there some law protecting children from being brain washed?

Who are these people!
And why the fuck is George Bush in their bible!!?

Where to begin…
Firstly i’m wondering how exactly I should apologize for (not totally but partially ) forgetting my sibling’s 24th birthday,then at about eleven-thirty the night remembering its her birthday in a moment of ashen clarity, only to find out I have the wrong phone number….

Now if I had the correct mobile number I could have used the ol’ trusty.
“I wanted to be the last person to wish you a happy birthday.”
But as circumstance would have it one again I proved my abilities to straiten myself far exceeds those of any other!

It is now 03h27 on the fifth day of January two-thousand-and-eleven.
and now..? Well I need to try and mend the situation.


Congratulations on surviving twenty-four years, in this unhinged world of ours.
I wish you all of the best for the years to come, and that what ever it may be that your
heart yearns, you may have.
May you never become feeble with your attempts to take on this life,
but still knowwhen to resile.

I wish you all the happiness there is, and grief only to know what true love is.

Have an awesome birthday!!!!!!!

Lots of Love.